Warning: Your Entering A Wow Zone

You’ve Studied All Of The Strategies, Created The Daily "Mindset" Routine And Now You’re Ready To Take Your Business To The Ultimate Level Of Success

You’ve got the classiness of Mary Jane Paul and ferocity of Olivia Pope but you’re tired of piecing your business together and searching for resources that actually work.

You’ve done exhaustive research, interviewed a handful of distinguished business coaches but nothing has spoken your language, offered to meet your needs and treat you like the true VIP that you are...until now.
Warning: Your Entering A Wow Zone

The truth is, I know you've been working hard to grow your business.

You're an action taker.

Yet even with all of the programs you’ve taken, you’re fast realizing that you’ve still got a whole lot to learn.

You want to exponentially develop a business that would allow you to make and actually keep plans, spend more time with your family, go on vacations and not be tied to your computer.

...Instead you're tied to an internet connection because if you step away, you will miss the chance to chat with that hot new lead you've been trying to sign.

I know you don’t want to choose between running a wildly successful business and traveling the world, investing in self-care, and making time for deeply fulfilling relationships.

You want the whole magnificent lifestyle . . . You want the charmed life. Because the truth is... if you were going to work this hard, you could have stayed in corporate.

With fire in your heart and a solid strategy, you can collapse the timeline and succeed in your business faster than you ever expected.


    Activating your brand power is like a ship dropping its anchor in the ocean. It creates a footprint that will hold it in place thru the toughest of storms. See, there is more to owning a powerhouse brand than being "online pretty". Each the the courses and events within The Atelier are designed to fully support you as you transition from a corporate salary to (insert your business name)'s payroll.


    The business clarity and strategies shown inside the courses within The Atelier are designed, tested, and optimized to help clients across various industries create an action plan that builds momentum and increases sales. The lead generation systems and sales strategies shared take away the unnecessary "busy" and will allow you to take back control of your schedule.


    Let’s face it... more qualified leads = more sales. And those leads aren’t going to find you if they don't know you're out there. I'm not known as the #FunnelTrapQueen™ for nothing. My Filling The Results Gap© System is designed to take the guesswork out of what your audiences is craving and giving you the confidence to create AND sell high-level service offers that add commas to your bank account.

... I Get Around!

A few of the spaces that have allowed my strategies to empower their audiences.

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Well... Who Has She Worked With???

“While coaching with Kim, I felt like she wanted me to be successful, and pushed me to think outside the box even when it hurt so I could be the best and win. Kim knows I'm a creative, and that my thoughts and ideas come at me 100 miles a minute. She also knew how to slow me down. I really appreciate how she called me out when things didn't make good sense, and got me to rethink everything until it fit properly. Kim is great at brainstorming new profit generating ideas, funnel, and business strategies. I would recommend Kim as a coach to anyone struggling to make real progress in their business because she's the truth! I can't wait to work with Kim again in the near future!”

Karen DoniereKaren Doniere

“At first, I didn’t know what exactly I would get from our time together because I had multiple funnels setup already. But, in the first 5 minutes of us getting on the phone, I found out EXACTLY what I was getting. Kim picked my funnels apart and shared not only why they weren’t cranking out clients and coins consistently but also HOW to go about fixing it. She was able to give me action items based on MY unique clients and not just cookie cutter, proven strategies that work for everyone else. If you’ve tried it all and modeled everything everyone told you to do and you still aren’t seeing results, then you need to holla at Kim.Brit”

Brit Brit "The Body Goals Specialist" Rand

“"Kim really helped me to transform my business, and helped me to see and understand things about the online world that I would have never thought of. Her private coaching helped me to gain clarity on the services I wanted to offer, and charge my worth. With her help, I was able to quit my full time job and run my business full time from home, and I now work with amazing clients that value my services. Thank you Kim!”

Camia ParkerCamia Parker

“When I first met Kim in 2015 I was writing sales pages for $125, confused about my target audience and on the verge of abandoning the entrepreneur life. Needless to say, she wasn't about to allow me to continue to settle for anything less than what I really deserved. Jan 1st I committed myself to working that plan and was relentless in the process. Within a month I was booking Intensives with my new pricing model and on the 54th day of working this crazy plan that terrified me, I signed my first platinum client for a $17k services. That's a hell of a long way from the days when I was charging less than $175. ”

R'Chelle MullinsR'Chelle Mullins

"I'm Just A Girl From The Block That Decided To Beat The Odds."

From Global Project Manager To Executive Business Strategies & Success Coach

When I started my business a few years ago, I knew I wanted to do two things. One, to help small business owners play in the big leagues by making sure they understood corporate marketing & sales strategies and two, to break the mold of what it takes to be a successful business owner.

In less than eighteen months, I was able to transition from a corporate leadership position into full-time entrepreneurship, pay off over $72,000 in student loan debt and ultimately learn that everything I thought I knew, would be challenged so that I could destroy my own limiting beliefs, learn new skill sets and stretch myself beyond capacity.

As a member in the village I'll help you spot your roadblocks, discover new possibilities and divorce bad habits... and I'll even make sure you make more money in the process.

It's Time To Go From Nobody Is Buying To Attracting Five Figure Clients

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